BSL transforms BRAC CDM Rajendrapur

BRAC CDM Rajendrapur is not what it used to be. BRAC Services Ltd (BSL) has completely transformed the place over the last few years.

The “Mother Building” is there, as are Butterfly Fountain, Butterfly Dining Room- One and Two, Conference Hall One, Two and Three, nearby BBQ place, classrooms One and Two and adjacent huts.

But as you enter the BRAC CDM Rajendra-pur, gorgeous architectural pieces will come into view. BSL has added 250-seat Grand Banquet Hall, Coffee Shop, state-of-the-art 480-seat Lake View Auditorium, Conference Room, Lake View Meeting Room, Execu-tive Meeting Room for 10 persons and swimming pool.

A glass pathway leads to the Coffee Shop, built on stilts where BBQs can also be arranged on the first floor. The swimming pool is on top of the Banquet Hall. Opposite the two buildings is the gym – for men and women, with the latest equipment.

Yoga mats are available for those who practice yoga. Cycling around the property is free, while boating can be done for a fee.

The former overhead water tank has been replaced with a beautiful tower which allows guests to stay connected with Wi-Fi all over the 30-acre property.

The new buildings – Grand Banquet Hall and the Coffee Shop – take on an enchanting look when the lights are turned on in the evening.

With two more towers added, along with “Mother Building” BRAC CDM Rajendrapur offers 156 rooms (56 Deluxe Twin Bed, 48 Super Deluxe Twin Bed, 44 Super Deluxe Queen Bed, four Junior Suites and four Premium Suites where 156 guests can be accommodated in single occupancy and 312 guests in double occupancy.

Over 5,000 people can be accommodated for any corporate picnic with all facilities. The open fields can be used for different games. Fifty buses can be parked while the underground parking can take in 200 cars.

Mohammad Zahirul Islam, known in the trade as Dalton Zahir, is the Head of Sales and Marketing, BRAC Services Ltd. He looks after the sales of not only this property but also BRAC Centre Inn, BRAC CDM Savar and the Artisan boutique hotel.

Earlier, Dalton Zahir served Rose View Hotel, Sylhet until August 2016. He has 17 years of experience in hospitality, tourism, public relations, media communications, branding, sales, marketing and operations.

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