Life is Short !!! So Do It Now !!! -Dalton Zahir

Lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh

           1) Head of Sales & Marketing at BRAC Services Ltd

2)Head of Sales & Marketing at BCDM Rajendrapur

3)Head of Sales & Marketing at BCDM Savar

4)Head of Sales & Marketing at The Artisan Hotel Uttara

5)Head of Sales & Marketing at BRAC Inn Mohakhali

6)Former Head of Sales and Marketing at Rose View Hotel

7)Former Manager- Sales and Marketing at Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf

8)Former Manager at Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort

9)Former CEO at Lake View Plaza Hotel

10)Former Business Development Manager at Apple Company

11)Former Manager Operation for Bangladesh at Motorola Mobility

12)Former Coordinator at Lakeshore Hotel & Apartments

13)Former Construction Project Manager at Lakeshore Hotel & Apartments


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